San Diego's sturgeon record a family affair (includes video)
14 year-old Cameron Kane caught one of the largest freshwater fish ever caught in San Diego last week at Cuyamaca,…
Record-breaking sturgeon caught by 14 year old
14 year-old Cameron Kane likely caught the single biggest fish in Lake Cuyamaca on Sunday, a giant white sturgeon estimated…
The father and son team of Jon and Wade Strelic appear side-by-side in Kramer's Top 40 List
For this, the 20th anniversary of the California Top 40 Bass Anglers List, the task was almost impossible determining the…
Dixon trout season, derby, postponed indefinitely
Due to the unseasonably hot summer in Southern California, Lake Dixon has had to postpone their trout season again.
Tom Leedom is a 5-time National Bass West "Angler of the Year"
National Bass West will kick off their 2015 tournament season in San Diego at El Capitan on Saturday, November 1st. 
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